Welcome to Bang Switch

Bang Switch (noun) “the trigger on a firearm”: as used in a sentence – “Keep your boogerhook off the bang switch”

Here at Bang Switch, I’ve posted a bunch of firearm information gathered from around the web. New stuff is being added all the time! Check back often. If you have something that’s not here and you think it would be useful to others, use the contact page and let me know!picture of gun manuals

I’m still gathering firearm-related things, and will be posting them as I find them.

If you need something to shoot at, I also found a site that has free printable targets.

All of the firearm information here is found elsewhere, unless stated otherwise. If you are the author of something found here and you would like it removed for some reason, please use the contact page and let me know.

The gun manuals found here on Bang Switch will help you service and use your firearm. All safety precautions should be followed when handling a firearm, please make the gun safe prior to attempting any cleaning, or repairs.