BSA mil-dot scopes

By | August 19, 2013

Your BSA riflescope is equipped with a Mil-dot reticle. “Mil” is an abbreviation for milliradian.For example, if you know your target’s height is one yard, and through the scope it bsa scopes logomeasures two mil-dots in height, it will be 500 yds away. You may then refer to the table and note that the value of one mil-dot at that distance is 18″. From this you can determine the appropriate holdover.

You can download the entire manual here

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  1. Charles

    Just saw your review of the Bullpup Unlimited 870. I have a couple insights. I own three bullpups, Keltec RFB, UTS-15 and a Bullpup Unlimited. I will say getting any of the three to function reliably was an absolute Herculean effort.

    I have come to the conclusion that I was the part of the equation that needed to change to make the pump shotguns work. Notably I needed to adapt my bio mechanics. Look at your VDO and compare the angle that your pump hand elbow makes. With the standard 870 it makes and obtuse angle with the bullpump it is acute. Your much closer to the end of joint articulation. To over come this I switched from a pull pull technique to a push pull and wow both shot guns came alive. (Don’t ask me how!) I did tweek the 870 ejector spring a little but it is the stock spring with a little dogleg bent into it.

    i shot thousands of rounds to get to the conclusion above. What I tell myself now when I shoot my bullpup shot guns is “shoot it like its a bullpup”. In example ” how about those combat loads”. They suck with the loading gate next to your shoulder. I belly up mine and load with the gate facing up like dropping deuces or quads. Literally the shooter needs to change his manual of arms, how he manipulates the gun in almost every way. This is true also for the RFB.

    I would consider all the stuff mentioned above as a bullpup design limitation vice a product flaw. There is a reason they don’t use these in three gun.

    Sorry for posting this on a scope section but I did not see anywhere else to comment. BTW great review. Thanks for your hard work and effort to bring us the information.


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