Anschutz 525 .22 rifle manual

By | December 4, 2013

It is important that the rifle is thoroughly cleaned at intervals during periods of frequent use and also before storage for lengthy periods. Only a clean rifle always works reliably, safely and precisely.

First of all, remove the magazine, loosen the assembly screw underneathanschutz 525 .22 rifle the breech and slide the barrel with the forend out of the breech. Clean the chamber and barrel bore from the rear but do not forget the rear face of the barrel. It is also essential to clean carefully the bolt, the inside of the breech and the trigger mechanism from time to time and to apply a thin film of oil afterwards.

Download the entire manual from this link.

One thought on “Anschutz 525 .22 rifle manual

  1. James

    Hi, how do I get the bolt spring an bolt back in ? , I have an idea how ,but like to see if some way different .Thank you ,James .USMC


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