How and Where to Find 22 LR Ammo

By | July 9, 2015

22LR ammo has been somewhat hard to find this year. Depending on your location in the country and the ammo dealer you are near, some places haven’t had 22 ammo in stock for months. Here’s how to find it.Walmart. Yeah, if your local ammo supplier doesn’t have it in stock (I recommend buying local first), there’s a way to get 22LR ammo from Walmart.

About a year ago, all you needed to do was load the Walmart app on your phone. After about 8pm you could check ammo stock and you’d know if the local Walmart was going to have any in stock the next morning when they put it on the shelf. That may or may not work anymore, I haven’t found the app useful lately at quantifying 22 ammo stock.22LR ammo diagram

Here’s the best way to do it, although it takes time.

1. Contact the sporting goods dept of your local Walmart, find out what time they stock.

2. Show up EVERY DAY about 15min early.

3. Buy ammo.

This is the best way I’ve found to get 22LR when it’s available. They’ll usually limit you to 3 boxes a day, but when they stock 1000rd boxes of .22, you’re weekend plinking is setup! There will be a week or two you won’t see anything, but then it will be there the next day.

Keep checking and you’ll be sure to get all the 22 ammo you need.

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