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CZ 75 Armorer’s Manual

Repairs should never be carried out by unskilled persons If the CZ 75 pistol is stored in an environment with a relative humidity not exceeding 60%, it needs to be cleaned at least once a year and its rust protective coating / with gun oil / reapplied. If the firearm is stored in an environment… Read More »

Browning High Power Pistol Manual

At the request of the Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre, the famous inventor John Browning who may be called the Father of Automatic Pistols because it was he who conceived the first simple and perfectly reliable modes, crowned the incomparable series of his creations, bot long before his death at Herstal, with a 9mm pistol… Read More »

Parts List Hi Point 380 Compensated

This parts list is good for the Hi Point C9 or the 380 Compensated model pistols. This document also includes the instructions for cleaning disassembly as well. It’s in PDF format and you can download the full size here

Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun manual

Kel-Tec’s latest entry into the firearms market is the KSG shotgun. It’s a bullpup style with side-by-side magazines and a magazine selector lever. With this construction, different shells can be used in each magazine and selected as desired.

Cobra Patriot 45 manual

Here’s the parts list, manual and diagrams of the Cobra Patriot 45 pistol manual. The parts list has part numbers and pricing info for purchase of replacement parts from the manufacturer.